Rules To Grow Your Business

In this article, you will discover the 5 rules to grow your business. They are based on my experience and the development of my own company.

I took three years to analyze, to test, to undertake these important steps that have become, over time, essential for the development of my company.

With these important rules, learn how to grow your business to get good results, and so succeed in your entrepreneurial adventure.

1st Rule: I Find My Clients On Social Networks:

I was doing my watch on Twitter using the TweetDeck tool. I saw the tweet above announcing the search for a graphic designer in an emergency. I responded to this tweet, and bingo, after a few hours of phone exchanges, I got their trust for me to do the work that was entrusted to me.

Since then, I am convinced that it is possible to find customers via social networks like Twitter. And you? Have you already found customers through this?

How To Find Customers Via Social Networks?

  • I use the TweetDeck tool for better use of Twitter.
  • I set my Hashtags to filter out the Tweets of Followers looking for my services faster.
  • I take 1 to 2 hours a day to perform my digital watch.

For me, you have to spend the time to be present on social networks to make a good investment.

2nd Rule: I Do Networking To Boost My Activity

Networking is a potent and stimulating lever for your business. Thanks to this one you will be able: (list not exhaustive)

  • Find opportunities,
  • Recruit people with new skills,
  • Get listening and caring,
  • Bring a new vision to your knowledge,
  • Anticipate the evolution of your market,

Respond more to the needs of your customers.

3rd Rule: I Take The Initiative To Undertake And Create Opportunities.


Like any entrepreneur, I take the initiative to create opportunities.

Did you notice that most of the time, I was contacted directly to participate in the different events that I presented to you in the second action?

For each event, it was the organizers who took the initiative to contact me, but how did they get to know me? Here is the answer :

  • For the ” Place a Web ” event and the Salon du Design: thanks to my natural and geolocated SEO.
  • For the Solopreneur Conference: attending the Ling-en Hsia Webinars.
  • For the Salon des Micro-Entreprises: Jerome Hoarau offered me to become Official Blogger, following our various exchanges and collaborations for three years.

4th Rule: I Give The Floor To Experts For More Added Value.

I often give the floor to experts, regularly in the form of written interviews, or through invited or participatory articles.

There are different possibilities to give voice to professionals such as:

  • Written interviews/videos,
  • Guest articles,
  • Audio / video podcasts
  • Participatory articles.

5th Rule: I Take The Risk Of Undertaking Otherwise

 Indeed, like many entrepreneurs, I take risks in order to evolve my business, anticipate the needs of my clients and to set up new challenges.

In May 2014, I took the risk of changing my legal status. From June 2012 to May 2014, I started under the state of Auto-entrepreneur. Then in June 2014, I became an entrepreneur-employee.

Why Did I Take The Risk Of Changing Status To Do Otherwise?

I started on my 3rd year as a self-entrepreneur, and I wanted to find another status that corresponded to my expectations.

During the “Place Web” operation, I met Anne Bernadi, who has been working for two years as an independent under the status of a salaried entrepreneur.

Why Did I Choose This Status?

  • For support on the administrative, tax and accounting management of my company,
  • For the courses offered within the employment activity cooperative,
  • To find social benefits such as general social security, retirement, unemployment, etc.
  • For the network. Within Creative Support, we are more than 240 entrepreneurs, and they regularly organize meetings to do Networking (networking).